Newwave, the next calibre of agency

Driving strategic growth

It is now more important than ever to have a digital centric strategy that positions you in the market and sets you on the right path for commercial success. We have built the company by forming long standing relationships with a growing list of businesses and providing a strategic mix of marketing support.

What we do best.


Combining your business aspirations with our market insight, we form digital-centric brands that encompass a unique value proposition, clear positioning and a tone of voice that resonates with your audience.


We don’t do ordinary. Every website we create is beyond exceptional, transforming the way your customers experience your brand online to grow your business.


Looking for a radical growth in sales? We use ingenious marketing strategies and technical wizardry to make it a reality; combining superb UX, intelligent integrations and SEO excellence to create eCommerce sites that skyrocket your sales.


We create campaigns that can’t be ignored. With the average consumer being exposed to up to 10,000 adverts every day, we leverage intelligent targeting, unique content and clear brand positioning to create cutting-edge campaigns.

A versatile approach proven to work brilliantly.

Full-service flexibility

Our flexible mix of services allows us to achieve the best campaign outcomes for your business.

Centred on relationships

We firmly believe in developing strong ongoing relationships within our team and with our clients.

Achieving client targets

Our account managers are in regular communication to discuss campaign ideas and measurable goals.

A focus on strategy

Our priority is to understand our client’s core business, its core purpose and goals.

An extension of your team

Our teams act as an extension of your marketing department, bringing continuity and scalability.

Business insights

Leverage our experience and gain unique insights into market and design trends to boost sales.

Obsessively creative

We just can’t help it, we have an unquenchable thirst to create amazing designs; with artwork that inspires, disrupts and demands attention. We love the way a company colour pallet can be tweaked to bring coherency to a brand, or simplification of a website’s navigation enhances user journeys and conversion rates. It’s the obsessive attention to detail that makes a whole design system work  and we just love it! 

The spirit of Newwave


To create a leading agency, where we get our thrills from seeing businesses thrive


People are everything. Right from the off we determined to create an agency that was a fantastic place to work, creating a team that are like family. These fundamental values flow over into how we work with our clients, creating an infectious symbiotic relationship.


We are steadfast in our pursuit in doing things right – even if it costs us. Knowing we have done our best and treated our clients with honesty and respect, makes the work we do so much more rewarding.


Being mediocre leaves us cold, we get a buzz from pushing the boundaries of brilliance, hitting standards that give us the warm and fuzzies when we go to sleep at night.


We are convinced higher levels of business success are propelled by a deep understanding knowing where our client’s businesses are going, what the make-up of their product or service offering is, and researching the pants off marketing opportunities. All this helps us to give you an enviable competitive edge.


If you don’t love what you do – why do it! Passion is our fuel in the tank, it pushes us when we’re on form and pushes us when we’re tired; and when our clients are smashing itit, we’re buzzing too.


We are convinced that to be brilliant, you have to focus on the one thing, the singular most important thing at any point in time, that will bring the maximum progress to your ultimate goals.


Pursuing high levels of creativity is not exclusively reserved for our design team, we see it as a fundamental approach to unlocking marketing campaigns, constructing speed optimised code or implementing a digital transformation strategy. We nurture exploration, out of the box thinking and an unrelenting pursuit of innovation, that take each person beyond their own knowledge and experience to create new and exciting directions.