Ad Words Campaigns

Google AdWords is a means of bypassing organic and natural search engine results in order to get your website to display more prominently. Multiple campaigns are set up to target agreed keyword phrases and geographic location. The nature of Google AdWords allows you to split test multiple adverts with slightly different settings, wordings and links, in order to compare performance and fine tune the campaign as time progresses. Our Google AdWords specialists can help with campaign creation and management, campaign optimisation and budget management.

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Keyword research

The foundation of every SEO project is keyword research. We find out what your customers are typing in when they are looking for products or services you offer. From here we will work together with you to ensure we prioritise high return on investment (ROI) keywords.

Campaign creation

By setting up a multitude of finely tuned campaigns we can ensure optimum click through rates are met and your budget is not exceeded. It is important to approach each desired keyword phrase from multiple angles to increase the chances of buyers clicking through to your website.

Campaign maintenance

Arguably the most important aspect of a strong AdWords campaign is the ongoing maintenance. We take an approach of little and often to ensure that performance of the adverts are assessed, tweaks are made and negative keywords are removed.