Understanding your business whilst creating developed and memorable design is central to everything we do at Newwave. We’re passionate about great design, great messages and building businesses. Our combination of imagination and eye for detail, delivers truly effective design that works across traditional and modern marketing platforms.

Newwave is a creative agency with the vision and ability to apply our ideas across all platforms, from packaging and print to responsive websites and apps. With access to our own photo and video studio, we can take your brand to the next level by creating engaging multimedia content.

01 | Our Branding Service

Understanding your business

At Newwave, we produce great design that captures the personality, goals and ethos of a business. Branding is a lot more than just a logo, it is the feeling you associate with a business and it is this reason why we work so hard to get it right. From the first meeting we want to know everything about the client and their company: Where they are from? How their business has developed? Key milestones? Target market? And where the business would like to be in five years? No detail is too large or small.

Research, concepts and development

Every branding project here at Newwave starts with research. We look at everything including your competitors, trends, colours and shapes. This level of detail helps capture the personality of a company and helps to build a successful brand. Concept stages are broad and fast paced. A lot of sketching and group discussion allows us to make use of the multi-disciplined team we have. During development we refine our ideas into a number of concepts to present to clients. We typically present three concepts, however if we have created eight fantastic ideas, we will offer all eight options.

More than just a logo

Branding does not stop with a logo. It should be across everything your business produces that is customer facing. From business cards and letterheads to packaging and exhibition items; it is vital that everything you produce is carefully planned, designed and to the highest quality. At Newwave we offer full support in all these areas alongside the client and their marketing department, to ensure their brand is managed effectively. We can also ensure consistency as we have the capacity to manage all aspects of marketing in-house.

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