Design Case Studies

Newwave's approach is led by design. Click on the images below to take a look in more detail at some of the projects our designers have worked on.


Branding, Website, Literature, Packaging & Photography


Product Design, Packaging, Literature & Photography

Amati Instruments

Auction Website, Branding, Literature & Adverts


Auction Website, Branding, Adverts & Banners

The Real Soup Co.

Branding, Website, Literature, Packaging & Photography

Lean Competency System

Branding, Website, Adverts & Banners

Ingles & Hayday

Branding, Website, & Adverts

Nigel Jones Dental Implants

Branding, Website, Literature, Video & Photography

Shackleton Cameras

Branding, E-Commerce Website & Adverts


Branding, Website, Literature & Adverts

Dental Implants Ireland

Branding, Website & Literature