Good PR can be a powerful marketing tool for your business. It can take many different forms, but Newwave’s team of skilled experts have the experience and contacts to help your business raise and maintain its profile, getting your key messages across in a crowded market place. As a full service design agency, we have the  resources and expertise in-house, to maximise the impact of your PR.

Free publicity can boost your company’s credibility

One element of PR is gaining publicity and coverage through the press and media. This is more credible for your brand than paid advertising, as journalists and broadcasters report about your business independently.

Our team has a vast experience of working at the highest level in radio, TV, print and online media. The press is inundated with requests for coverage day in day out, so how you present and sell your story to them is vital. We know how the media works, who and how to approach them and what they want.

Press conference planning and event management

Newwave takes a strategic approach to everything we do. Our PR team can help you plan, organise and manage press conferences, from locating and sourcing a suitable venue, to inviting the right publications and guests. We know what the media require in terms of photography, filming, lighting, sound and backdrops, so we take all of these factors and more into consideration when assessing possible locations. We can also run the event for you to ensure you get maximum exposure, gaining great PR for your company.

Creating engaging content

Due to our experience in journalism, digital marketing and SEO, we have our finger on the pulse of the latest social media trends and what content people like and share. We also know how to tell and present a story, aimed at raising your profile or conveying your brand message. Our team has produced videos, images and press releases for our clients and the media, which have been used on their websites and social media sites.

A full service approach

We are passionate about great design, great messages and building businesses. We look out for our clients and in any PR work we do for you we look to boost your SEO, directing search traffic to your website through all material generated and published. PR can also help to raise your brand awareness or increase the profile of your owner or someone key to your company’s identity.

Media training

It is not just what you say it is how you say it. We can provide you and your staff with media training to ensure you get your message across clearly in an engaging and effective way when dealing with the media.

PR retainer

We seek to have a close working relationship with all our clients, understanding and knowing their businesses inside out. We can become your PR department on a retainer, able to react on your behalf when the need arises and coming up with strategic and creative PR campaigns, to make you stand out from the crowd.