Email Marketing Service

When used correctly, email newsletters can be a powerful marketing tool to keep your customers informed of important changes to your business, promote special offers and run competitions. Typically, a third party tool such as MailChimp, Constant Contact or Silverpop, will be used to deliver email campaigns and monitor progress through built in reporting tools. We will design, build and schedule the email newsletters for you and we can even assist you in creating the content.

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Email marketing design

In addition to ensuring the email looks great and delivers the right messages, it must also conform to the somewhat dated rules and best practices for HTML emailers. Our design and development teams work together to ensure the email looks great without compromising on compatibility.

Email marketing strategy

To run an effective email campaign you must first decide on what you would like to achieve. We can assist in coming up with a strategy that ensures you reach your targets. Whether you would like to encourage sharing, promote sales and offers or encourage repeat business, we can help.

Automatic email responders

“Auto responder” is a term for a sequence of emails that follow an event such as signing up to a mailing list via a form or checkout process. Each time a person signs up to a newsletter they will be assigned to a specific mailing list such as “website signups” or “people who have ordered online”. An automatic sequence of emails can be set up to send out to subscribers.

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