Getting attention through a well-constructed and thought out animation can boost your reach to new customers to new heights. Creating an animation which represents your business well, but is also shareable can be key to your marketing success. If the purpose of the animation is to inform then we will find the key points and create a clear and informative video.


We research everything relevant to a project, from target audience to current trends. Thorough research is paramount to the success of a project and can ensure that the animation hits the mark.

Every project starts with a storyboard. We treat it as the blueprint from which the animation is made. Creating a concise, easy to follow storyboard is key to ensuring that the correct messages are presented to your audience.

Character Design

We create great looking characters but also ensure they relate to your target audience. This helps to create a greater connection between your audience and your message.


At the end of this process you will have a seamless video of your animation optimised to target your audience with your key messages. The video will be shareable across multi-platforms such as websites, blogs and social media, expanding your reach to the people you want to target.