Exhibition Banners

First impressions are everything. At an Exhibition you have one chance to engage with potential customers, so make that chance count with a well thought through exhibition space. From something as simple as a pull up banner to a floor plan for your entire space, we can help you create a structured message which will resonate with your target market. We will design and print whatever you need and ensure everything arrives on site in plenty of time for you to assemble it.


Pop-up banners

Pop up banners are the bread and butter of exhibitions. Everyone will have them. A well-designed banner with clear messages and an organised structure will help you stand out in the crowd. They are easy to put up and small enough to be portable to every event you go to.

Large 3D banners

These are perfect if you have a larger space to fill and want to really make a statement. They can be as large as 4m x 4m. Something this big has to be designed carefully and must have a clear message otherwise they are big, ugly and confusing for customers.

Pods and surfaces

Often overlooked until you discover you have nowhere customers can write their contact information, put their coffee down or store your valuable flyers and brochures. These are great areas to reinforce your brand whilst also giving you a surface to work on.