Haberman produces innovative premium baby and toddler feeding products that help youngsters develop drinking independence. As a full service, brand-led agency Newwave was ideally positioned to support a company like Haberman grow, due to our experience in their market having designed and marketed a range of baby cups. Newwave provided Haberman with comprehensive marketing support, including branding, packaging, e-commerce website design and build, advertising, retailer presentations and printed literature.

How We Helped

The challenge

We have a long history of working with baby products and have designed numerous products including the cow cup. Haberman founder and creative director Mandy Haberman approached us after we had been recommended as integral to building their brand and helping them with their marketing.

She had invented a simple, but effective valve, which fitted into the top of baby cups and wanted to launch a baby bottle product which incorporated her discovery. It worked very different to any other baby bottle on the market. The Haberman suckle feeder created a completely new way of feeding which allowed babies to feed in the same way that they would breast feeding. This is called suckle feeding as opposed to sucking. Health professionals actively promote breast feeding so the challenge was to promote and market it without discouraging breast feeding.

A strong presence on and off the shelf

We advised Haberman at a strategic level, as to how best to market their products, some of which appeared on the shelf in stores such as Sainsbury’s, Boots, Mothercare and Waitrose. Our packaging design was also well received and in some instances played a key role in securing orders for Haberman. The branding and the look established has created a British premium product range, which has generated interest on the European continent and in Asia.

Our relationship with Haberman has strengthened over time and we continue to be an integral part of their ongoing strategy for growth.

Services We Offered

Packaging design

Packing is key to product sales so we had to get the look and positioning of Haberman's nurture range exactly right. We did this by creating lots of white space, which gave the packaging a clinical and professional look, contrasted by dark sides with a green top which gave it a strong shelf presence, reassuring for first-time mothers.

Take a look at our packaging design process

Printed literature

Newwave advised Haberman to present quality brochures to key clients as part of their pitch to key clients which helped secure important contracts for them. This included providing content structure advice, marketing infographics, product ranges and shelf layout visuals.

How our printed literature design process works


We worked on three levels of branding for Haberman: the corporate brand, company brand and product brands. As they developed their business the challenge was to strengthen their shelf presence by consolidating their different ranges under one brand.

Find out more about our branding process here.


Newwave have managed all of Haberman's asset libraries which has including images. This involved product photography at our studio, as well as directing lifestyle photoshoots on location with models.

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