Newwave’s multi-disciplined graphic design team specialise in many different styles and techniques of illustration. This can help communicate your company’s message in engaging visual ways.

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As there are so many forms of illustration, you can experiment in styles and techniques to make a project stand out and engage with its target audience. We explore, consider and create all illustrative elements that would suit different types of projects, such as packaging design, infographics and branding.

Concept & Development

Once a project has been fully explored in all aspects of research, we can then determine which direction the brief will go. This generally means creating three or more visual concepts for the client. The illustrative process begins by building a draft version, which showcases the styles and provides a varied outlook on the initial brief.

A Bank of Assets

At the final stage of an illustration project, you should have an awesome array of mood boards of characters and scenes. The illustrations we come up with can also be used across various platforms such as your website, blogs, social media profiles, printed literature and exhibition materials.

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