Nigel Jones Dental Implants

Dr Nigel Jones is one of the UK’s leading dental implantologists. Newwave has helped identify and support Dr Jones in new business ventures as well as boosting his professional profile through branding, web design and build, SEO, digital marketing, PR and social media.

How We Helped

The sceptic becomes a marketing advocate

Dr Jones was recommended to Newwave after having bad experiences with other designers. Our ethical approach struck a chord with him as well as our level of business insight. He approached us to rebrand his Smiles Better dental practice and redesign its website.

We identified that the existing position of the Smiles Better brand was wrong, as their client base had developed into mainly private patients. We developed a sophisticated professional brand more in keeping with their market position. Due to the great success of the rebrand, Dr Jones could see the great potential of investing in marketing for his business and profile.

Two routes for success

After going through the rebrand for Smiles Better, we identified further business opportunities for Dr Jones. As one of the UK's leading dental implantologists we felt that he could bring greater clarity to the services he was offering with a more focused approach on his expertise. We identified two streams for him develop.

The first target was to increase the number of his daily dental implant patients as well as referral work from other dentists. This was achieved by creating a separate brand purely focused on his dental implants service, which included a website, designing quality dental referral packs and other marketing materials, as well as targeted SEO.

Dr Jones has seen a high return on his continuing investment in marketing, significantly increasing his number of patients and referral work, part of which sees him as the dental implantologist for the Premier League football club Swansea City and Welsh rugby region Ospreys.

Good working practice and new techniques

The second path we identified for Dr Jones was to build his professional profile. Dr Jones is a pioneering implantologist and has contributed to the advancement of knowledge in dental implantology. He is also a mentor to many of his former students on the Faculty of General Dental Practice, implant diploma course at the Royal College of Surgeons.

To help communicate his good working practice and new techniques, we produced surgical videos and infographics to help aid his talks and professional presentations. We also created a dedicated area on his website centred around him, focusing on the papers he has written on dental implantology, highlighting his expertise, but also acting as a useful resource for dental implantology students and potential customers. We've also helped to build up his social media presence and used PR where appropriate.


Part of raising his professional profile involved shooting, directing and editing surgical video for Dr Jones' conference presentations and student lectures around the world. The sound and audio quality in his videos has set a standard that other dental implantologists follow.

Services We Offered


Our branding work for Dr Jones was more than just coming up with a logo. It was creating a brand which reflected the professional level he is operating at. We did this by creating continuity through all marketing materials, presentations and online profile.

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Search engine optimisation

Newwave's SEO experts helped the Nigel Jones Implants website rank highly in search engines and attract new business. Our ongoing SEO work along with PR and digital marketing campaigns have helped to grow and strengthen his online profile.

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