Motion Graphics

Our motion graphics are presentations or animated videos that can include a variety of elements, including animated illustrations, moving text, sound, video clips or image transitions. These are a powerful way to deliver fast paced engaging content to a time-short audience.


Animated videos

If a video is available on a website, many people will ignore other images and text. Videos that are viewed on-demand, are rapidly growing as people view content on mobile devices and computers, rather than traditional scheduled TV. This growth area can provide great opportunities for your business or organisation to communicate your messages, services or products. To create compelling animated videos, we use a suite of motion graphics programs along with traditional illustration and careful story-boarding.

Refined presentations

For many of our clients, we work as an extension of their team, an outsourced marketing department, on hand to support them with key client presentations. We work with them to help structure their presentations in a way that is focused and strategic. We also advise them on how to introduce, illustrate concepts, break up content into sections and logical groupings. We are then able to take the content and refine the design to keep it on brand and to the right standard, ready to win pitches.

Shareable content

We are in a fast-paced generation, where people search for answers through YouTube and view interesting videos on social media. Our digital marketing team work to the ’10x’ quality content principle, where we aim to produce content to such a high standard, that it is viewed, liked, shared and linked to. When we are providing ongoing digital marketing services to our clients, we will look for opportunities for topical and relevant content, advising them on how to turn that into a campaign.