Having great photography can make all the difference to the quality of designs produced. We include this service to compliment what we offer to ensure the highest standards are met. Taken at our studio or on location, our photography has been used in retail packaging, marketing campaigns and product catalogues.


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Product photography

We have an in-house photographic studio, which allows us to quickly photograph products for inclusion straight into our designs or for client asset libraries. Our photography ranges from products against plain backgrounds, then cut-out and supplied with a transparent background; to ones set into scenes with accompanying props.

Food photography

This is an area we are passionate about, probably because we get to sample lots of great food. That aside, creating vibrant interesting food shots takes careful staging, with an appreciation of the key ingredients and the potential audience. The photography taken has been primarily used at a commercial level for retail, food service and food to go.

On location

Taking photos on location can provide great versatility. This tends to fall into a few areas: the client’s premises, hiring a location house, or shooting outside. All require careful planning, good art direction and quality equipment. On location photography usually tells a story about people interacting with each other, products or illustrating a service. These can include, sourcing and working with models or with our clients. Though these shoots tend to be high budget, they tend to provide great value because of the quantity of fantastic shots produced.

Art direction

As photography tells a story, good art direction is essential to get the story right. When on location we typically work with a photographer and provide art direction for the shoot. This will include liaising with them, the client, planning the day, choosing locations, selecting models and arranging props. Important aspects we bring to create a successful shoot are: organisation, pace, technical understanding, fun yet professional, whilst keeping the purpose for the shots paramount.

Photography editing

This is the unseen yet important part of the process. We will carefully select the images from our shoots and edit them to a high standard ensuring the crops, colour balance, levels and emphasis is right. Years of experience enable us to know how to best compose a shot and as photography is part of our full service offering, our photographers work closely with our designers to ensure it best suits their artwork.

Managing photo libraries

Our clients often rely on us to make sure their asset libraries are properly managed. Photography is part of these assets, and methodical categorisation and labelling are critical, when allowing access to our client’s suppliers, press or other agencies. This service tends to come into its own when dealing with corporate level clients, where there can be daily demands for library assets.