Despite progressing further into a digital generation, the opportunities for creating an impact through quality printed materials is greater than ever. As companies produce less marketing materials, you can stand out with well-designed brochures, leaflets or business cards with special treatments.



Managed printing

We are not printers. Newwave manages whatever the marketing requirements of our clients are. This involves advising them on what is required for an event, product launch or company information. Then we make it happen, from design through to the finish printed items; we figure out the best printing route and the most suitable supplier. This takes the stress out of dealing with multiple suppliers away for our clients.

Quality printing

We print most of our work on lithographically on a commercial press, the traditional and still the best method where quality is required. When higher volumes are required, it is also the most cost effective route, especially if multiple jobs using the same stock are run at the same time. Where time scales are tight or volumes low, we may use digital presses or batch processing printers, who can run the job alongside others.

Exhibition stands

We work with our clients to make best use of exhibition spaces they have hired, helping them plan the space. This can be as simple as designing and printing roller banners, through to more complex large popup stands. Other items to be considered in the mix are popup counters, literature stands, along with brochures and leaflets.