Skilful developers make complex ecommerce systems flow

Magento Commerce is a powerful, fully customisable, feature-rich eCommerce platform that boasts infinite scalability, and open-source flexibility.

Ideal for both B2C and B2B sites, Magento provides smart marketing features and automatons such as customer reward programs, abandoned cart email notifications and targeted promotions to upsell, cross sell and optimise conversions.

Why Magento?

Enterprise level use

Magento has been long considered one of the best high end ecommerce platforms. This comes come at premium though with much higher development costs and build lead-times.

Extensive features

The system has a brilliant range of quality features ready built-in; our expert ecommerce developers can get these configured to suit your business and products.

Quality extensions and plugins

There is a good range of extensions for Magento, many with the reassuring levels of support you would want for an enterprise shop.

Multi-site options

The complexity of dealing with multiple retail locations, warehousing, online sales and international locations is what sets Magento apart. Though it is complex to setup, it does have all the necessary functions and structure to make it possible.

Is Magento the right ecommerce platform for your business?

If you read through sales material from the different ecommerce platforms, with their long lists of features, it can be a minefield trying to choose the right one.

Then reading articles and forums from people using them or hobbyist coders, you can find strong opinions pulling you in opposite directions. We can help make it simple by listening to how want to use your online shop, and how you plan for it to grow. Then explain which ecommerce platform would work best for you.

Digital marketing for your Magento Shop

Your new website is live and ready to sell. But you’ll need to create traffic (quality traffic!) to generate transactions. Our digital marketing specialists can work with you to produce a robust integrated digital marketing strategy that utilises the power of SEO, PPC and social media.

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