Sites with a boutique edge

A highly reputable alternative to WordPress that is popular with businesses that for whatever reason, don’t want to use WordPress. A platform favourite with the cyber security firms we work with and government agencies.

Why Craft CMS?

Great security

CraftCMS boasts an ultra-secure infrastructure, with most of the core files being inaccessible on the web. This, combined with it being a relatively low-key CMS, means it is less likely to be targeted and has a natural resistance to attacks.

Headless option

The headless mode in CraftCMS makes it a highly desirable platform if you are looking to have a single source of truth that drives multiple applications, such as your website, an intranet and a mobile app.

Optimum code

The CMS is barebones and only includes the minimum code it needs to run to basic functions of the system. Additional functions are added by installing plugins or creating customisations. This lightweight approach results in sites naturally using the optimum amount of code, giving the best site speeds. In contrast WordPress has more functions included as standard but has to run more code out of the box.

Responsive control panel

Craft has a well designed control panel for users to edit content on mobiles, very handy if you’ve abandoned your laptop and live on your phone instead.