Sites with limitless creativity

We love WordPress because it lets have absolute creative freedom and develop sites at speed; sites that are exceptional, beautiful and high performing. The platform reaped the benefits of a large community of skilled developers investing time into the platform, and being open source its free to use.

Why WordPress?

Content management system

The days are gone when it seemed like a good idea to use a custom-built CMS. WordPress’s intuitive CMS underpins the website, it creates a logical framework for coders to build the site and a super friendly editor for you to manage your content

Fast development

We find the WordPress to be the fastest platform to create custom built websites, to your exact requirement and without design compromises.

Component based

We have developed a modular approach to building WordPress sites, in which we create a design system for each client. This system is made of elements, blocks and brand styles which can form the construct of the site. It enables us to bring consistency to the design and efficiency to the build process, it also makes future updates much simpler.

Extensions and plugins

There are some great plugins and extensions that can be used, but we have the expertise and experience to build custom plugins where new functionality is needed.

Fully customisable

Though it’s a prebuilt platform, it doesn’t restrict our ability to create websites in the way we want them to function and look. Its like using Word to write your dissertation, the tool is quite separate from the narrative and creativity.


WordPress can easily be turned into an online shop with the extension WooCommerce. Be it adding a few products to a merch area on a corporate site, or having a complete dedicated ecommerce shop, WooCommerce is a powerful addition to WordPress that has proven itself as a market leader in its own right.


WooCommerce website design and ongoing marketing for leading office furniture manufacturer

King’s InterHigh

An award-winning website for a global leader in online British education

Process Valves

Ecommerce web design & SEO for a leading consultant

Do-IT Profiler

Brand management, web and marketing support fine instrument auction house

Why experienced businesses always opt for a custom WordPress site

WordPress themes are popular amongst those with lower code skills, as they are able to create sites using themes which are prebuilt templates, then install plugins to add the functions they require.

This seems like a great idea and lower cost sites may be offered as a result, but for any business that wants to take their web presence seriously this is a really bad route. The reason is, that prebuilt themes have to try to accommodate a wide variety of content and style options to make them appealing, this results in over bloated code with poor page load speeds. Also, when the pages are built up, it never comes out looking quite as good as the original theme. This is because themes have not been designed to suit a particular client’s content and business requirements.

Then there’s the plugins, having loads to choose from that are low cost seems ideal. But unfortunately, they can create carnage on your site. Each one is coded in isolation and may work on its own, but when brought together with others can create code conflicts, which to resolve can require a skilled developer to unravel thousands of lines of code, leading to high development costs. Unfortunately, when this approach is taken the plugin can no longer be updated when new releases come out, and if the update include security patches the site then becomes vulnerable to site hacks. Also, just like themes – plugins tend to be over-featured to appeal to a wider audience, leading to bloated code, and usually they lack the exact feature required. It’s like using a Swiss Army Knife to cut a loaf of bread or saw through a branch – you can but it’s a really bad idea.

Saying all this, where appropriate we do use premium plugins – ones tried and tested to perform the functions required without compromise or conflict, ones that don’t require code hacks so they can be updated for security purposes.

Surprisingly it is quicker for our coders to create a custom WordPress site to the required standard than use themes and plugins, and the end results are poles apart.