Full-service eCommerce marketing for a designer tile store

The Baked Tile Co was founded by Lesley Taylor to bring a unique, curated selection of the very best designer tiles to the domestic market. Each collection is handpicked, following the latest designer trends and themes. We were approached to provide integrated full-service marketing and streamline the overall approach.

SEO to drive quality traffic and more sales

Looking to get a head start, we were asked to take a lead on SEO while notice was given to existing suppliers for other services. Initial SEO was conducted across the site to ensure all page titles, meta descriptions and page content aligned with how users search. We are already seeing substantial improvements to keyword rankings and search traffic.

Black Friday – a Baked Tile Co first!

After learning about our successes with other clients in the home and furniture market, Lesley was keen to give us a go at running their first ever successful Black Friday campaign. Taking a comprehensive approach, the campaign included social posts, web banner updates, and content going out via email/paid advertising before the event, during the event, and in the final hours of the sale. The site achieved record breaking sales, becoming the highest revenue November since launch.

Maximising ROI with paid advertising

PPC, Shopping Campaigns and paid advertising have always been integral to The Baked Tile Co’s marketing strategy. With fluctuations in the economy, cost of living and consumer spending, it was more important than ever to get the highest possible return on ad spend. We first conducted an audit of the site, checking through years of data to establish which strategies bring the best results, and which campaigns are wasting budget with poor returns.

Driving advocacy and retention through social media

Every single social platform presents huge opportunities to nurture, educate, and inspire a growing audience of potential buyers. Our design and marketing teams work closely to bring the very best ideas forward, exploring campaign ideas by combining beautiful, creative social graphics with carefully considered headline messaging. The result is an increase in social engagement, sustained audience growth and best of all, happy loyal customers.


Increase in conversions


Increase in average order value


Increase in reveue

Branding, eCommerce design and marketing for an aviation upcycling and parts specialist

Services employed:

Plane Reclaimers, a division of eCube, stands out in the aviation industry for their unique approach to repurposing aircraft parts. They cater to a diverse clientele, ranging from hobbyists and enthusiasts purchasing raw parts to those seeking creatively upcycled products like coffee tables and conference tables crafted from aircraft components.

Revamping the brand for a digital audience

Our collaboration with Plane Reclaimers was focused on refreshing their brand for a digital audience. We introduced a new brand identity that was bold and distinctive, aiming to resonate with their wide-ranging customer base. This rebranding effort was more than just a visual makeover; it was about reinforcing Plane Reclaimers’ position as a versatile and innovative player in the market.

A tailored online shop with enhanced user experience

The new website, developed in WooCommerce, is designed with a focus on user experience. It features intuitive navigation, an autocomplete search function, and category filters, making it easy for customers to find both raw aircraft parts and bespoke upcycled items. The site’s design and functionality were specifically crafted to cater to the needs of Plane Reclaimers’ diverse customer base.

Targeted marketing for diverse customer segments

The website strategically highlights Plane Reclaimers’ target markets, offering clear pathways for both B2B clients and individual consumers. While the premium product range, including the upcycled furniture pieces, takes a prominent spot on the homepage, the site also caters to hobbyists and enthusiasts looking for raw aircraft parts. This dual approach broadens the site’s appeal and showcases the full spectrum of Plane Reclaimers’ offering.

Setting the stage for growth

With the website’s launch, we are set to begin a comprehensive marketing retainer aimed at achieving ambitious growth targets. Our goal is to leverage the new website’s capabilities and the unique appeal of Plane Reclaimers’ products to enhance their online presence and drive business growth. This marks the start of a strategic effort to cater to a wide range of aviation enthusiasts and professionals.

Crafting a corporate group website for a distinguished multi-brand bathroom manufacturer

Services employed:

Woodstock Trading Co, known for their exceptional customer service and strong supplier relationships, has always prioritised customer satisfaction. Despite their success, they lacked a platform to share their unique story, as their online presence was limited to their individual bathroom brand websites. Recognising the need for a more holistic representation, they approached us to create a bold and innovative website that would highlight their distinctive approach to both team and client relations.

Evolving the brand with a modern touch

The Woodstock Trading Co brand, synonymous with quality customer service, needed a fresh, modern twist while maintaining its recognisable essence. Our goal was to refine the brand, striking a balance between traditional values and contemporary design. The result was a brand identity that not only elevated their market position but also resonated with their longstanding client base.

A website focused on client engagement and team growth

The primary goal for the new website was twofold: to facilitate quality recruitment and to guide potential clients to their sub-brand websites. To achieve this, we invested in professional photography and video production, showcasing the high quality of their products and the vibrant company culture. This visual storytelling was instrumental in strengthening client relationships and attracting new talent.

Delivering beyond expectations

Woodstock Trading Co was meticulous in their selection process, seeking assurance of our capabilities. After consulting with several of our recent clients, they entrusted us with the project. We presented a comprehensive project timeline, encompassing photography, branding, and web design. To their delight, the website was launched well ahead of schedule, exceeding their expectations and reinforcing their confidence in our partnership.

Navigating the Challenges of Brand Diversity with a Unified Digital Platform

Services employed:

Trimline Group, renowned for their premium tile brands Pyro + Echo, and a diverse range of sealants and grouts, faced a unique challenge. Their online shop, nestled within their main domain, presented a hurdle for their sales team when it came to effectively marketing each of their own brand products. While direct sales to tradesmen through their online shop were steady, the team sought to secure contracts for larger-scale projects, such as commercial pools, hotel lobbies, and washrooms.

A New Digital Presence to Support Sales and Showcase Sectors

We proposed the development of a new corporate site, distinct from their online shop, to spotlight the sectors they serve, their brands, and their past projects, all with the aim of aiding their sales agents in securing and closing contracts. The site, crafted in a custom version of WordPress using our innovative design system, not only migrated content from their sub-brand sites but also incorporated an SEO strategy to ensure a seamless transition and maintain their digital presence.

Evolving Branding to Align with Market Positioning

In addition to the digital platform, our journey with Trimline Group extended into the realm of branding. We evolved their existing aesthetic, introducing new style elements that not only retained the essence of their established identity but also elevated their positioning within the market. This nuanced approach to their branding ensured a coherent and recognisable presence across all platforms and communications.

Spotlight on Solutions and Service for Larger Contract Wins

A pivotal aspect of our strategy centred around a robust focus on solutions and service. By highlighting these areas, we aimed to provide their sales team with a fortified foundation, enabling them to effectively communicate the value and expertise Trimline Group brings to larger contracts. This, in turn, was designed to assist in not only winning but also successfully closing substantial deals.


The new corporate site, with its enhanced branding and strategic focus on solutions and service, now serves as a powerful tool for Trimline Group. It not only showcases their expertise and past successes but also operates as a supportive platform for their sales team, aiding them in navigating the complexities and opportunities of larger contract negotiations and closures.

Elevating Website Design and Marketing for a Premier Finishing Group in the UK

Services employed:

SD Team stands tall as one of the UK’s leading finishing groups, operating from nine strategically located offices across England, Scotland, and Wales. With an impressive portfolio of over 22,000 successfully delivered projects annually, SD Team sought to elevate their online presence through a collaboration with our dynamic marketing team. Having witnessed the success of our ongoing marketing efforts for their ecommerce division, SD Team approached us with a clear vision: to create a new, engaging website that showcases their prowess and sets them apart as an industry leader.

An Intuitive Navigation Bar: Streamlining Focus on Sectors and Services

We adopted a sleek, clean navigation bar, presenting only essential links at all times. Additional information is tucked behind the iconic hamburger menu, allowing new users to easily skim through the menu links, grasp the comprehensive service offerings, and swiftly access the sections most relevant to their interests.

Demonstrating Scale: A Homepage that Spotlights Company News

Inspired by the finest construction and civil engineering companies, our design for the homepage offers a mesmerizing window into the latest company news and awe-inspiring projects. Dynamic tiles feed in company insights and contract highlights, using vivid imagery to emphasize the grand scale of SD Team’s completed endeavours.

Sector-Driven Case Studies: Fuelling Conversions with Beauty and Relevance

Our case studies section boasts an innovative tab system that empowers users to browse example projects effortlessly, segmented by sector. Each case study unfolds with a captivating array of content, including striking images, glowing testimonials, and comprehensive breakdowns of the work undertaken. To enhance user journeys, we seamlessly integrate relevant case studies into each sector page, ensuring that potential clients find exactly what they seek.

Content Support for Key Messaging: Engaging Headlines That Make an Impact

At the outset of every web project, we meticulously map out the entire site structure, along with a content plan for each page. Collaborating closely with SD Team’s skilled copywriters, we crafted compelling and informative headline messaging throughout the site. These engaging headlines captivate visitors, conveying SD Team’s expertise and commitment to excellence.

eCommerce web design and marketing for a leading online furniture retailer

Furniture.co.uk is an established online furniture retailer offering a broad range of traditional and modern wood furniture. Their beautiful product collections and outstanding customer service are second to none. We were approached to provide a brand-new look and feel for the site, re-build it into a more manageable platform and provide ongoing marketing from the onset to boost sales.

Brand evolution

To position the brand alongside some of the UK’s top online retailers, our design team worked into the logo, brand colours, design elements and fonts. The new brand is elegant, refined and provides a beautiful platform to showcase their collections.

eCommerce website design

The previous site was built in Magento. Furniture was keen to re-platform to a custom WooCommerce environment, putting the control back in their hands, allow rapid development and powerful marketing capabilities.

The new site was built from the ground up with a custom navigation, custom product journeys, auto-complete search, and intuitive filtering. The new elegant and refined design direction appeals to experienced buyers that seek quality products.

To show off their outstanding reviews (and build more), Trustpilot was integrated throughout the site.

Campaigns, PPC, Emailers and strategic marketing for a global food manufacturer

– Founded in 1888, Lee Kum Kee has a rich heritage and incredible history of being a world leader in authentic Chinese sauces and flavours. Their founder even invented Chinese store cupboard staple, oyster sauce!

Having tackled global markets, leading to being a multi-billion dollar company, they set their sights on selling direct to consumers online. We were initially approached to take on paid advertising for their social channels, but having seen our team in action, LKK wanted to put more work with us.

Spicing up customer engagement with fun email campaigns

Lee Kum Kee’s marketing team felt that more could be done with their email campaigns and sought a fresh new look that would excite their audience and drive sales. Our marketing team worked closely with our designers to explore new angles and develop a fun, new tone of voice. Emailers now contribute a substantial amount to monthly sales.

Reaching new audiences on TikTok, the fastest growing social platform

Lee Kum Kee works with content creators and influencers to expand the reach of their delicious Chinese sauces and flavours. We were asked to pick up on the ongoing management of paid TikTok advertising campaigns to build brand recognition, enhance engagement and generate sales. Having multiple marketing channels being managed under one roof means LKK benefit from consistent messaging, design and strategy.

A word from our client

“It is a great pleasure working with Newwave Design. We’ve been offered a solid account management service from proposal, strategy, execution and delivery. The Newwave team is always very efficient with all deadlines and are equipped to dealing with our ad-hoc requirements in a timely fashion.

They’re also agile in optimising ongoing campaigns and leave no room for unaccounted errors. What makes them stand out is their creative approach to helping Lee Kum Kee offer a differential advantage.

We’ve exceeded expected results on all campaigns performed by Newwave so far and have achieved a solid boost both in brand awareness and sales.”


increase in overall sales


increase in email revenue


increase in PPC revenue

Website design for Wales’ latest green healthcare initiative

Services employed:

— Green Health Wales is a network for sustainable health and care in Wales, allowing healthcare workers and organisations to connect, learn and get involved in key programmes and initiatives. We were approached to modernise their brand and create a new website that can be used by participating members to promote the initiative.

Branding that engages with healthcare professionals

The new brand needed to be refined and professional whilst representing sustainability. Green was used for the logo mark and a subtle typeface is used for the text. With a view of potential future expansion, Green Health has been bolded to allow the network to branch out into other areas with a regionalised version of the logo.

Filterable, searchable database of information

The website for Green Health Wales stores a variety of information from learning resources through to a directory of members and sustainable organisations. It also lists all past and current projects that healthcare professionals can get involved with. To allow users to easily find information that is relevant to them we implemented a custom catalogue with options to filter by tags, category and location. Each section has click throughs to detail pages with cross links to participating members, related news, and connected programmes.

Custom map search tool

To help users connect with other healthcare professionals and organisations, we built a custom map search tool that hooks into the Google Map API. As a user pans and zooms using the map, the member list automatically updates to show only those who are still in view. From there users can click in to view more information about the organisation.

Web design and marketing support for Rhondda’s primary care cluster

The Rhondda Cluster is a group of local healthcare professionals that work together to provide the people of Rhondda with an integrated, quality healthcare service. It is made up of GP practices, pharmacies, dental practices, and optometrists. The group wanted a way of uniting the cluster whilst providing members with powerful marketing assets to promote the latest health initiatives. Having seen our work and being recommended to us by the Merthyr Cluster, we were asked to create a modern new brand and site for the group.

A modern brand that unites the group

Our design team absolutely loved working on this project. It was a real opportunity to demonstrate how you can bring modern design to what could be considered quite a formal sector. The bold vibrant colours demand attention, and the logo represents one united group. In the concept phase, to demonstrate how the brand can be used, we produced artwork for social, web and banner spaces. This allowed the group to see the new brand in real terms to make an informed decision.

A powerful web platform to promote the group and preventative care

Members of healthcare clusters have a focus on providing the very best care to their patient’s day in and day out. One of the main reasons the group wanted to create a website was to have a platform that can post information on preventative healthcare and the latest health initiatives. This content can be shared by members of the group, allowing them to easily work towards a common goal and keep their patients informed. The site also includes a directory that helps to signpost visitors on where they can get care and advice, based on their requirement.

Health promotion for the people of Rhondda

Throughout the year the NHS and charitable organisations run initiatives to raise awareness of health issues and preventative measures that can be taken to live healthier. Our marketing team work closely with the group to make sure we are creating social assets and blog content that can be easily and quickly shared by all members of the group.

Website design for Scotland’s leading supplier of forklifts and equipment

Services employed:

Gray Material Handling offer hire and sale of forklifts, servicing and part replacements. Having seen our work for similar clients, they got in touch to ask if we could help with creating a shiny new site.

A cutting-edge user experience and website features

To show off the impressive range of heavy-duty vehicles available for hire, we created a sleek multi-tiered catalogue and detailed product pages.

Users can see technical specifications, make an enquiry, or download related PDFs directly from each vehicle page. A sale section allows their team to add vehicles and parts available for purchase and the services section clearly demonstrates their offering and expertise.