Brand creation, web design and SEO for a new cosmetic dental practice

Services employed:

– Dr Adel Sanuri had been practicing dentistry for over 11 years and had vast experience in placing dental implants. Operating out of multiple practices, he spotted an opportunity to generate more business in each of his practice areas. We were approached by Adel to help him come up with a business name and create a brand and website for his new venture.

A brand fit for the Gods

Working alongside Adel, we researched, brainstormed and a business name was born. Drawing inspiration from the God of the sun, and the world-renowned Apollo space program, we presented a range of concepts and refined the chosen design. The bold lettering is complimented by the accent star that forms the bridge in the letter A.

A website to bring a smile to your face

Having a full set of experience in working with cosmetic and implant dentists, we knew exactly how to approach the new web build.

Approachable, friendly faces with big pearly white smiles bring the website to life and promote the aspirational aspects of the service. The modern, minimalist design style pairs colour and geometric shapes with clinical, professional aesthetics.

A mobile friendly mega menu provides quick access to core services, whilst allowing visitors to easily navigate to
other cosmetic services.

Rocketing search rankings

From launch, Newwave has worked alongside Apollo Dentistry to drive a steady stream of enquiries through the site.

With a focus on SEO, we have achieved significant increases in search traffic and rankings. Our strategy included a healthy mix of local map pack optimisation, link building and onsite SEO.

Despite being a brand-new website, they are already in top spots for a range of cosmetic and implant related treatments for their target areas.