Providing a fresh new perspective for the Astutis NEBOSH campaign

Services employed:

– Astutis are a leading provider of health and safety training in person and online. The NEBOSH training courses provide teams and leaders with a globally recognised qualification in workplace health and safety. They primarily provide training in industrial and commercial settings where accidents can have catastrophic consequences.

Ruth, Head of Marketing and Ecommerce at Astutis, made it clear that their courses save lives, so the quality of our work and a successful campaign was a matter of life or death.

Challenge accepted!

Ruth had been working with agencies for many years hoping to bring fresh, new perspectives to campaigns for their flagship courses. Having been recommended to give us a try by one of our other clients, Ruth got in touch to see what we were made of. The brief was intentionally loose – create something fresh, exciting and new. Just WOW us!

The perfect formula for creativity

We certainly do love a campaign. It brings the whole team together and the NEBOSH project was no exception. Our marketing team worked closely with the designers, bouncing ideas back and forth, visually brainstorming ideas to find the perfect message. Our design team pushed the boundaries to think outside the box, creating a set of campaign concepts that left Astutis so excited, they wanted to use them all.