Branding and website design for a health practice specialising in audiology

Services employed:

Audiology Associates is an independent health service provider based in South Wales. As a family-run business, they have grown due to their excellent reputation and outstanding customer service. We were approached to refresh their brand and design a new website that accurately represented their professionalism, expertise, and customer-centric approach.

Brand refresh

The existing Audiology Associates brand lacked variety in its colour palette and style elements, making it feel flat and clinical. Our team introduced bold new colours and exciting styles to their brand repertoire, while ensuring it maintained a focus on people.


The previous Audiology Associates website had an overwhelming amount of content and pages, likely leaving users confused. Our approach to planning a strong user journey began with simplified navigation, followed by clear page sections and well-structured content blocks. Users can now easily find the information they seek, skimming from page to page until all their questions are answered.

The new site features simple navigation with just four main links and strong calls to action (CTAs). The imagery includes a mix of happy people and professional product shots. Each section fits perfectly on the most common screen sizes. The website now clearly demonstrates their service offerings while providing clear pathways to learn more about the company and get in touch.