Branding and web design for an institute that empowers dental implantologists across the UK

Services employed:

– BSAD (The British Society of Advanced Dentistry) was born out of the need for better support for new dental implant dentists across the UK. Dental implants are a relatively new form of treatment and there is no set guidance for who can place them. With the general quality of training diminishing in the UK, and the increase in demand for innovative new treatments, a support network was created to allow new dentists to get expert mentorship from the UK’s leading implantologists. Having worked with some of the UK’s leading dental practices, we were approached to create a new brand and web presence for the society.

A distinguished brand for an advanced society

As a part of the web project, we were commissioned to create a new brand for the well-established society. Following a briefing and kick-off meeting, our design team researched the market and explored new concepts. The chosen brand is refined, with a desaturated colour palette that presents as clinical and professional. Fonts were chosen to give a feeling of tradition and formality, with an accompanying logo mark that presents like a regal seal. The brand was well received amongst the society, who now feel it is a true representation of their vision and purpose.

Web design that simplifies remote peer support

BSAD, with a main focus on peer support, aims to connect new and experienced dental implant dentists from all over the UK. It was fundamental to the success of the project to demonstrate the benefits of joining BSAD, as well as having a feature rich community forum to facilitate remote peer support. New implant dentists can post cases and get expert feedback and guidance from mentors in the closed community forum. The website also promotes annual conferences with quick access to registration. A resource section was created to allow for annual newsletters and insights to be made available to members.