An accessible website and strategic marketing for leading neurodiversity screening and training company

Services employed:

Do-IT profiler help organisations to ensure inclusivity for neurodiverse individuals through screening and training. They work with individuals, employers and organisations in the justice and education sectors.

They approached us with a view to revolutionise their brand and online presence. Inclusion is fundamental to their brand presence, for this reason, having a beautiful and accessible website was imperative.

Bringing simplicity and beauty to a complex subject

Neurodiversity has many faces, and being inclusive, first requires understanding. Combining our ‘outside perspective’ and the client’s intimate knowledge, we were able to help refine the content and messaging on the website to provide an explorative user journey that guides visitors through the importance of inclusion.

Innovative web accessibility features

The site has been designed in a way that it has natural accessible characteristics, such as high contrast text, easy to read fonts and large bold buttons.

To give all users the best possible web experience, a purpose-built accessibility tool has been integrated into the website. This gives neurodiverse and visually impaired users access to screen readers, high contrast mode, full control over text and a narrow reading view.


Increase in users


Drop in bounce rate


Increase in avg. session duration