Full-service marketing support for the aviation sector

Services employed:

– ecube is a fascinating company that provide end of life services to the aviation industry. When an aircraft is no longer in usable condition, ecube meticulously dismantle the entire aircraft for repurposing.

Every part is removed and catalogued, with usable parts getting repaired and re-sold. Other components get sold off for salvage, often turned into mock-ups, bars, coffee tables and mirrors which are loved by interior designers and aircraft enthusiasts alike.

Having worked with us for a few years in a previous role, Danny, the new marketing manager of ecube, was keen to get us onboard.

Instantly boosting enquiries through PPC

Following extensive keyword research, we could see there was a huge opportunity to drive enquiries through paid advertising. ecube provide such a diverse mix of services that it was vital that we picked our dogfights accordingly. Using a strategically narrow targeting strategy, we focussed on high intent keywords in a global market to attract new business enquiries, each of which potentially worth millions.

Link building and SEO to drive quality traffic

Our marketing team have worked together with ecube’s in house marketing manager to craft a strategy that will bring in quality enquiries through organic search. In the first six months of working with ecube, we have doubled the number of domains linking to their website and significantly increased rankings for highly desirable search terms.


increase in organic sessions


increase in total sessions


increase in conversion rate