Web design, marketing and PR for the Sherlock Holmes of the fine Violin world

– Florian Leonhard has dedicated his life to studying, restoring and making violins. Florian’s expertise and dedication to perfection have ingrained his reputation as a prominent maker of modern violins, a dealer of the finest instruments and an exceptional restorer.

His unique combination of skills allows him to offer a wide range of high-quality and bespoke services to his clients. Following initial talks with their team we were asked to re-design their website, raise brand awareness, and generate more interest in their services.

Capturing the story of the greatest living maker

To say Florian’s workshop is impressive would be an understatement. As you walk in your greeted with beautiful works of art on the walls, sculptures through the halls, and cabinets full of some of the world’s most rare stringed instruments.

Working your way through the building you start to appreciate just how well thought through everything is, they have a room for every step of the process, for both violin making and authentication.

We were commissioned to run a photography session that really captured the essence of the team, the meticulous craftsmanship, and the natural beauty of the building.

A website for a true craftsman

Our designers thoroughly enjoyed working with Florian and his team on this web project. From the start we provided a range of concepts that explored alternative, progressive design directions. The chosen design is clean and modern, with a real focus on showing off the beautiful photography that we had taken.

An instruments section allows potential buyers to explore violins, violas, and cellos. The workshop section helps to convey the message of craftsmanship, passion and almost obsessive attention to detail.

Strategic brand building and marketing

We have worked closely with Florian’s team over the years to define, implement and refine a progressive marketing strategy that covers a comprehensive mix of services.

A fellowship service was launched where Florian brings instruments and talented artists together, helping to boost their careers with access to some of the finest stringed instruments in the world.

Notably, Florian helped to arrange a long-term loan of the rare Hieronymus Amati cello for rising star Sheku Kanneh-Mason, which he used during his performance at the royal wedding.

As a result, we have helped Florian to achieve international press coverage.


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