Web design and marketing for a new range of revolutionary cistern valves

Services employed:

– Fluidmaster has developed such a reputation for superior quality, that they are found in more toilets globally than all other brands combined. With an innovative product development team and a manufacturing base in the UK, they have sustained significant growth through retail, wholesale, international trade and OEM partnerships.

We were approached by Fluidmaster to develop a dedicated, cutting-edge website for their new product line, as well as provide marketing collateral and product photography.

Marketing the next gen product launch

Following a startling discovery that many products from other brands can lead to ‘blue water’, Fluidmaster leveraged their world leading product development team to create a next gen product.

A marketing strategy was formed and presented to stakeholders using large format presentation boards. Marketing collateral demonstrating the features, benefits and fitting instructions were created and premium FSDUs were designed for point of sale in vendor outlets.

Showcasing a revolutionary product online

The Fluidmaster Airgap 6000™ series is so revolutionary that it warranted its own, dedicated web presence. Our task: to create a website that maximises the effectiveness of all product launch marketing campaigns.

The website includes media rich product pages, a resource section for fitters and OEMs, and a store finder with postcode search. The website has played a pivotal role in the successful launch of the Airgap 6000™ product line.