Website design and marketing for a holiday booking platform

– French Campsites is an award-winning business offering a curated list of the very best campsites in France. Having developed a love for the business over many years of collaboration; when we heard the site was up for sale, we jumped at the opportunity to buy it out. Since bringing the site in-house, we have grown the service offering and re-designed the website to align to modern expectations.

Holiday booking website design

We set about creating a truly marvellous holiday shopping experience. Drawing inspiration from some of the leading holiday booking providers, including the industry disrupting (at the time) Air BNB, our designers produced a range of concepts. The chosen design boasts an aspirational feel, with themed getaways on large image led tyles, and quick links to stays based on activity types. To help users find their perfect holiday we included an intuitive search system, Air BNB style regional listings and clean, image led campsite pages.