Website design for Wales’ latest green healthcare initiative

Services employed:

— Green Health Wales is a network for sustainable health and care in Wales, allowing healthcare workers and organisations to connect, learn and get involved in key programmes and initiatives. We were approached to modernise their brand and create a new website that can be used by participating members to promote the initiative.

Branding that engages with healthcare professionals

The new brand needed to be refined and professional whilst representing sustainability. Green was used for the logo mark and a subtle typeface is used for the text. With a view of potential future expansion, Green Health has been bolded to allow the network to branch out into other areas with a regionalised version of the logo.

Filterable, searchable database of information

The website for Green Health Wales stores a variety of information from learning resources through to a directory of members and sustainable organisations. It also lists all past and current projects that healthcare professionals can get involved with. To allow users to easily find information that is relevant to them we implemented a custom catalogue with options to filter by tags, category and location. Each section has click throughs to detail pages with cross links to participating members, related news, and connected programmes.

Custom map search tool

To help users connect with other healthcare professionals and organisations, we built a custom map search tool that hooks into the Google Map API. As a user pans and zooms using the map, the member list automatically updates to show only those who are still in view. From there users can click in to view more information about the organisation.