An award-winning website for a global leader in online British education

– InterHigh is now a global leader in online British education and the UK’s leading online school. Over the past 6 years we have worked alongside InterHigh to help them realise 10x growth. In the first months, we launched a new website and set out with a new digital strategy involving SEO, PPC, PR, social and influencer marketing that has since helped them see significant year on year growth.

A radical step forward

Our most recent work for InterHigh involved taking radical steps to significantly raise their profile and reflect their rightful position as the global leader in online British education. Our brief was to create a beautiful, feature rich website that thematically tells a story of the flexibility and quality of education at InterHigh.

Inspiring young learners

Of the concepts presented, InterHigh felt that the theme of journey and explorers best represented the education that they offer. Pupils at InterHigh seek knowledge, they are on an educational journey where they can pick their own path and forge their own destinies.

Our design incorporated empowering messages and inspirational stories that show how pupils can do it their way while maximising their chances of achieving placements in top universities.

Strategic marketing support

In their words, we have played an integral role in InterHigh’s rapid growth over the past few years. Through SEO, we have doubled their search traffic year on year. Our strategic PPC management has seen them confidently increase their budget five-fold whilst generating registrations at a vastly reduced cost per acquisition.

We have shaped their web presence, adding new sections and features to maximise conversion rate. Our social media managers have supported them with ongoing paid and organic growth.

Influencer marketing with Colin Jackson

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Olympic Gold Medallist Colin Jackson to promote InterHigh. From Colin themed superhero campaigns through to promotional videos, we worked strategically with InterHigh and Colin to maximise the reach of ongoing marketing activities.

Co promotion with star pupils

Working alongside InterHigh’s internal teams, we told the stories of the diverse, spectacular and inspirational range of students at InterHigh. It was amazing to see so many wonderful accounts of how InterHigh has helped them on a personal level, as well as with their studies.

The pupil stories section now features celebrities such as Bella Ramsay, sporting stars, entrepreneur students and high academic achievers.


Increase in sessions


drop in bounce rate


Increase in goal completions