Campaigns, PPC, Emailers and strategic marketing for a global food manufacturer

– Founded in 1888, Lee Kum Kee has a rich heritage and incredible history of being a world leader in authentic Chinese sauces and flavours. Their founder even invented Chinese store cupboard staple, oyster sauce!

Having tackled global markets, leading to being a multi-billion dollar company, they set their sights on selling direct to consumers online. We were initially approached to take on paid advertising for their social channels, but having seen our team in action, LKK wanted to put more work with us.

Spicing up customer engagement with fun email campaigns

Lee Kum Kee’s marketing team felt that more could be done with their email campaigns and sought a fresh new look that would excite their audience and drive sales. Our marketing team worked closely with our designers to explore new angles and develop a fun, new tone of voice. Emailers now contribute a substantial amount to monthly sales.

Reaching new audiences on TikTok, the fastest growing social platform

Lee Kum Kee works with content creators and influencers to expand the reach of their delicious Chinese sauces and flavours. We were asked to pick up on the ongoing management of paid TikTok advertising campaigns to build brand recognition, enhance engagement and generate sales. Having multiple marketing channels being managed under one roof means LKK benefit from consistent messaging, design and strategy.

A word from our client

“It is a great pleasure working with Newwave Design. We’ve been offered a solid account management service from proposal, strategy, execution and delivery. The Newwave team is always very efficient with all deadlines and are equipped to dealing with our ad-hoc requirements in a timely fashion.

They’re also agile in optimising ongoing campaigns and leave no room for unaccounted errors. What makes them stand out is their creative approach to helping Lee Kum Kee offer a differential advantage.

We’ve exceeded expected results on all campaigns performed by Newwave so far and have achieved a solid boost both in brand awareness and sales.”


increase in overall sales


increase in email revenue


increase in PPC revenue