Branding, design and build of the world’s first global marketplace for makes in Cremona

Services employed:

– Having helped Amorim Fine Violins successfully re-launch their workshop and dealership in Cremona, we were asked to support them with a new business venture. Cremona, often referred to as the heart of violin making, is home to some of the worlds most skilled violin makers.

Traditionally, makers in Cremona are focussed on their craft and don’t have the time our resource to effectively promote themselves to global markets. Mio Cannone was launched to provide a central platform where buyers from all over the world can commission new making, explore maker biographies, as well as view high resolution 360-degree images and listen to audio samples.

Introducing violin makers in Cremona to the world

One of the most important features in the web build was to allow buyers to get to know the makers, their story, accolades and unique qualities. A makers section provides a grid of click throughs with summaries, profile shots and an indication of where they are from and where their workshop is based.

Clicking through allows buyers to delve deeper into the detail, learning more about where the instruments are being played, why they became a maker and what they feel is special about the way they craft their instruments. Buyers can browse a makers instruments and directly request a commission through the site.

An immersive instrument buying experience

Fine stringed instruments are a thing of beauty and understandably, those buying an instrument often like to hold it, see it, hear it and play it. For the website to be a success, we needed to provide an immersive experience to buyers, allowing them to get to know the instrument without ever touching it.

Instrument pages have a uniform format for descriptions including a summary, dimensions and sound characteristics. A gallery with 360 degree images, videos and close up shots showing the most important features of the instrument allow buyers to rigorously inspect every grain. All instruments have been recorded playing the same audio sample in the same studio setting. These features are there by design, allowing buyers to get a like for like comparison of every instrument listed on the site.