Branding, eCommerce design and marketing for an aviation upcycling and parts specialist

Services employed:

Plane Reclaimers, a division of eCube, stands out in the aviation industry for their unique approach to repurposing aircraft parts. They cater to a diverse clientele, ranging from hobbyists and enthusiasts purchasing raw parts to those seeking creatively upcycled products like coffee tables and conference tables crafted from aircraft components.

Revamping the brand for a digital audience

Our collaboration with Plane Reclaimers was focused on refreshing their brand for a digital audience. We introduced a new brand identity that was bold and distinctive, aiming to resonate with their wide-ranging customer base. This rebranding effort was more than just a visual makeover; it was about reinforcing Plane Reclaimers’ position as a versatile and innovative player in the market.

A tailored online shop with enhanced user experience

The new website, developed in WooCommerce, is designed with a focus on user experience. It features intuitive navigation, an autocomplete search function, and category filters, making it easy for customers to find both raw aircraft parts and bespoke upcycled items. The site’s design and functionality were specifically crafted to cater to the needs of Plane Reclaimers’ diverse customer base.

Targeted marketing for diverse customer segments

The website strategically highlights Plane Reclaimers’ target markets, offering clear pathways for both B2B clients and individual consumers. While the premium product range, including the upcycled furniture pieces, takes a prominent spot on the homepage, the site also caters to hobbyists and enthusiasts looking for raw aircraft parts. This dual approach broadens the site’s appeal and showcases the full spectrum of Plane Reclaimers’ offering.

Setting the stage for growth

With the website’s launch, we are set to begin a comprehensive marketing retainer aimed at achieving ambitious growth targets. Our goal is to leverage the new website’s capabilities and the unique appeal of Plane Reclaimers’ products to enhance their online presence and drive business growth. This marks the start of a strategic effort to cater to a wide range of aviation enthusiasts and professionals.