Branding, website design and a custom booking system

-Pronto is an established vehicle and motorhome hire business based in South Wales. We were approached by the new owner, Naunton, to rebrand their business and launch a new website to promote their growing motorhome hire business. Naunton was also looking for ongoing strategic marketing support to help drive awareness of holidays in South Wales, as well as maximise bookings in peak/off-peak seasons.

Bold branding that demands attention

Having inherited a dated brand, Naunton wanted to re-launch with something bold and new. A creative design that draws attention to his fleet of hire vehicles as they roam the roads of South Wales but could also be adapted to discreetly sit on the back of motorhomes.

The team produced a range of concepts, using vehicles and fleet yard signage space to explore how the brand sits in context of the business’s main requirements. The chosen design features an abstract ‘P’ which stretches from top to bottom of fleet vehicles, forming a unique look and instantly recognisable pattern.

Promoting the Wales Way

Raising awareness of the beauty, mystery and adventure of Wales has always been important to the Welsh Government. In more recent years, millions of pounds have been invested into campaigns such as The Wales Way. We seized the opportunity to join the movement, providing a series of quality motorhome journeys through Wales, as well as detailing top attractions along each route.

Through a mixture of SEO and social media, we pushed Pronto Motorhomes into the spotlight, helping increase brand awareness and drive online bookings.

Custom booking system

Nauton’s intention was simple. To maximise the profitability of his fleet, he wanted to fill out his weeks and weekends, in season and off season, for every vehicle. Having found no suitable 3rd party booking tools on the market, we were asked to create a custom solution for his business.

The custom booking system brings simplicity to a user’s journey, providing maximum visibility of available dates for all vehicles in one view. The system also includes an option to book accessories and add-ons. Our custom booking system has brought simplicity and control to what use to be a very manual process. Bookings are now mostly made online and Naunton’s business is thriving.