Brand creation, web design and marketing for a revolutionary cleaning product

– Purozo are specialist cleaning consultants and suppliers, offering a range of the most innovative surface and air cleaning products on the market. Their flagship product, the Lotus pro, is being used in large organisations and universities across the UK to reduce chemical and plastic waste.

We have worked with Purozo from inception, from brand creation and printed literature, through to web design and marketing.

An innovative brand is born

Our first challenge was to create a brand that demonstrates innovation and purity, whilst being able to stand the test of time. The logo mark and colours signify water and sustainability, reflecting the qualities of their flagship aqueous ozone cleaning products.

A brochure with brand values and messaging was created in tandem, to showcase how the brand would sit in context of marketing materials.

Bringing clarity to revolutionary products

The highly scientific and innovative cleaning methods used by Purozo’s product range have been applied in medical, civil and military settings for decades. They are not however widely understood in the healthcare, retail and education sectors.

The science behind the technology is complex, so it was important that we create a website that gives an overview of how these innovative cleaning products work, whilst providing the option to drill down into the detail if users need further explanation.

The website boasts media rich product pages, infographics that are simply beautiful, and real examples of how each product is being used across multiple sectors.

Driving significant growth through marketing

Providing a strategic, proactive, and flexible marketing service, we have helped Purozo to refine their message, build brand awareness and generate significant online interest.

The compound effect of our comprehensive marketing offering has led to a high level of quality enquiries, where prospective buyers have used the website to self-educate and don’t need further explanation of how each innovative product works. Purozo continues to see sustained, year on year growth in their client base.


Increase in new users


Increase in sessions


Increase in enquiries