Web design and marketing support for Rhondda’s primary care cluster

The Rhondda Cluster is a group of local healthcare professionals that work together to provide the people of Rhondda with an integrated, quality healthcare service. It is made up of GP practices, pharmacies, dental practices, and optometrists. The group wanted a way of uniting the cluster whilst providing members with powerful marketing assets to promote the latest health initiatives. Having seen our work and being recommended to us by the Merthyr Cluster, we were asked to create a modern new brand and site for the group.

A modern brand that unites the group

Our design team absolutely loved working on this project. It was a real opportunity to demonstrate how you can bring modern design to what could be considered quite a formal sector. The bold vibrant colours demand attention, and the logo represents one united group. In the concept phase, to demonstrate how the brand can be used, we produced artwork for social, web and banner spaces. This allowed the group to see the new brand in real terms to make an informed decision.

A powerful web platform to promote the group and preventative care

Members of healthcare clusters have a focus on providing the very best care to their patient’s day in and day out. One of the main reasons the group wanted to create a website was to have a platform that can post information on preventative healthcare and the latest health initiatives. This content can be shared by members of the group, allowing them to easily work towards a common goal and keep their patients informed. The site also includes a directory that helps to signpost visitors on where they can get care and advice, based on their requirement.

Health promotion for the people of Rhondda

Throughout the year the NHS and charitable organisations run initiatives to raise awareness of health issues and preventative measures that can be taken to live healthier. Our marketing team work closely with the group to make sure we are creating social assets and blog content that can be easily and quickly shared by all members of the group.