Ecommerce web design and marketing for a leading builders’ merchant in Wales

Robert Price is the largest independent builders’ merchants in South Wales, with more than 20 branches across the region.

We were approached to provide design, web and marketing support to relieve the pressure on internal teams and rekindle a dedicated focus on strategic growth.

Over the years we have delivered a broad range of services including stakeholder reports, product brochures, supplier campaigns, signage and viral marketing campaigns.

Streamlining the buyer journey

When you call or walk into one of the branches, onsite staff can help you to understand all of the materials you need for your project and arrange a guaranteed delivery time.

Being a business that sets itself apart through unrivalled customer service, it was important to consider how customers interact with their new online shop. We built an online quote system and intuitive contact form that enables customers to get the same level of support with their DIY and trade projects.

Build a quote

As customers browse through the product catalogue, they are given the option to add products to a quote basket.

Users can then request a quote by completing the checkout stages. From here the enquiries are directed to the most appropriate branch and a member of their team will talk to the customer to iron out their exact requirements and arrange collection or delivery.

Intuitive contact form

In many cases, tradesmen and DIYers are short on time and may not know exactly what they need for a project. Web visitors can add products to their enquiry and send it directly to their nearest branch.

As the user types a product name, suggestions appear, if there are no matching products in the database, the system is flexible and allows them to type freely into the box.