Elevating Website Design and Marketing for a Premier Finishing Group in the UK

Services employed:

SD Team stands tall as one of the UK’s leading finishing groups, operating from nine strategically located offices across England, Scotland, and Wales. With an impressive portfolio of over 22,000 successfully delivered projects annually, SD Team sought to elevate their online presence through a collaboration with our dynamic marketing team. Having witnessed the success of our ongoing marketing efforts for their ecommerce division, SD Team approached us with a clear vision: to create a new, engaging website that showcases their prowess and sets them apart as an industry leader.

An Intuitive Navigation Bar: Streamlining Focus on Sectors and Services

We adopted a sleek, clean navigation bar, presenting only essential links at all times. Additional information is tucked behind the iconic hamburger menu, allowing new users to easily skim through the menu links, grasp the comprehensive service offerings, and swiftly access the sections most relevant to their interests.

Demonstrating Scale: A Homepage that Spotlights Company News

Inspired by the finest construction and civil engineering companies, our design for the homepage offers a mesmerizing window into the latest company news and awe-inspiring projects. Dynamic tiles feed in company insights and contract highlights, using vivid imagery to emphasize the grand scale of SD Team’s completed endeavours.

Sector-Driven Case Studies: Fuelling Conversions with Beauty and Relevance

Our case studies section boasts an innovative tab system that empowers users to browse example projects effortlessly, segmented by sector. Each case study unfolds with a captivating array of content, including striking images, glowing testimonials, and comprehensive breakdowns of the work undertaken. To enhance user journeys, we seamlessly integrate relevant case studies into each sector page, ensuring that potential clients find exactly what they seek.

Content Support for Key Messaging: Engaging Headlines That Make an Impact

At the outset of every web project, we meticulously map out the entire site structure, along with a content plan for each page. Collaborating closely with SD Team’s skilled copywriters, we crafted compelling and informative headline messaging throughout the site. These engaging headlines captivate visitors, conveying SD Team’s expertise and commitment to excellence.