A trend setting personal profile website for an award winning journalist

Services employed:

– Shirish, renowned for pioneering reflective journalism, offers research and training to individuals and organisations looking to create more effective, engaging, and inclusive storytelling.

We were approached by Shirish to help him raise his profile as a thought leader and raise awareness of his new model of journalism.

Positioning through quality design

During the concept phase we researched parallel industries, competitors, and current style trends. It was important to give a Shirish a website accurately represented his professionalism, modern approach, and wealth of knowledge.

The chosen concept was refined, paying careful attention to brand messaging and tone of voice. The website has been well received amongst his peers, with many getting in touch to see how we can help them.

A venue for insight

Shirish’s lifework is about inclusive storytelling. For this reason, the insight section of the website was given the upmost care and attention. Elegant filters allow users to find the articles that interest them the most.

Articles can be formatted in a similar way that readers are accustomed to from leading news sites, and sharing links encourage engagement on social and professional networking platforms.