Brand evolution, website design and SEO for a boutique accountancy practice

Tim Taylor & Co is an independent chartered accountancy firm offering a broad mix of business and personal tax accounting services. With previous negative experiences in working with agencies, Tim was looking for a digital partner that could deliver on their promise and drive business growth. We were approached to evolve their brand, create a new website with fresh content and provide ongoing marketing to generate brand awareness.

Maximising profits with a selective client base

The new website provided us with an excellent base to market from. The language used and the service offering intentionally draws attention from bigger businesses with VAT and Payroll requirements. Ongoing marketing activities including blogging, SEO and social have helped to raise brand awareness and position Tim at the top of search for a broad mix of highly desirable phrases.

Tim now receives a steady stream of quality enquiries, allowing him to be selective when building his client base.

Establishing a progressive tone and message

With the content on the previous website lacking lustre, we needed to look at Tim’s brand values and service offering from a fresh perspective. Tim’s new business strategy was to target a bigger and better client base, cherry picking only the best client types.

Starting from a clean slate, our copywriters researched and wrote over 20 new service pages and six target sector pages. An authoritative, caregiver tone of voice was established to reflect the approachable, consultancy led approach Tim takes in business.

A digital centric brand and web strategy to drive next level clients

Tim didn’t want to take things slow. The brief was to radically change brand perceptions and position himself as an expert who works with new and emerging cloud-based accounting tools. Our design team took to the web, researching competitors and taking inspiration from leading software providers.

The finished website boasts a disruptive and authoritative style, using motion and animation to reflect expertise in technology.


Increase in new users


Increase in conversion rate


Increase in enquiries