Crafting a corporate group website for a distinguished multi-brand bathroom manufacturer

Services employed:

Woodstock Trading Co, known for their exceptional customer service and strong supplier relationships, has always prioritised customer satisfaction. Despite their success, they lacked a platform to share their unique story, as their online presence was limited to their individual bathroom brand websites. Recognising the need for a more holistic representation, they approached us to create a bold and innovative website that would highlight their distinctive approach to both team and client relations.

Evolving the brand with a modern touch

The Woodstock Trading Co brand, synonymous with quality customer service, needed a fresh, modern twist while maintaining its recognisable essence. Our goal was to refine the brand, striking a balance between traditional values and contemporary design. The result was a brand identity that not only elevated their market position but also resonated with their longstanding client base.

A website focused on client engagement and team growth

The primary goal for the new website was twofold: to facilitate quality recruitment and to guide potential clients to their sub-brand websites. To achieve this, we invested in professional photography and video production, showcasing the high quality of their products and the vibrant company culture. This visual storytelling was instrumental in strengthening client relationships and attracting new talent.

Delivering beyond expectations

Woodstock Trading Co was meticulous in their selection process, seeking assurance of our capabilities. After consulting with several of our recent clients, they entrusted us with the project. We presented a comprehensive project timeline, encompassing photography, branding, and web design. To their delight, the website was launched well ahead of schedule, exceeding their expectations and reinforcing their confidence in our partnership.