Packaging Design Service

One of our favourite things to work on – packaging design brings together branding, illustration, photography and typography all on a three dimensional format. Our product design background mixed with branding expertise has enabled us to excel, creating successful packaging that is both innovative and diverse.

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Consistency across product ranges

Packaging typically is for more than one product forming a range. It takes great skill and attention to detail to maintain brand consistency across all items, where the packaging type may change as well its size and shape. But when it all comes together it is a thing of beauty and one of the challenges we love at Newwave.

Strong shelf shout

Retail is a highly competitive environment, with a lot of resource invested into packaging artwork and format. To compete we ensure the packaging we design is distinctive, having a strong ‘shelf shout’. To do this we look to add differentiating colour palettes, strong product titles, with a logical hierarchy of information.

Unique selling points

The art of great packaging design is to effectively communicate why someone should buy the product, as well as highlighting its features and benefits. We structure these messages as we would with advertising, where there is initially a hook to draw their attention as they browse. Key messages are then easily understood as they skim read.

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