PPC marketing agency in South Wales

Maximising the performance of Paid Advertising Campaigns

Newwave Design is a full-service design and marketing Agency based in Abergavenny, South Wales. We offer digital marketing services, including PPC, to businesses all across the UK and internationally. Our in house digital marketing team have managed client PPC budgets of up to £25,000 per month, delivering proven and measurable results.

Strategic and pro-active approach

We work as an extension of your team, keeping regular communication to develop an understanding of your business and targets. This understanding means we can pro-actively come up with campaign and advertising ideas that will help to achieve your business targets.

Reducing cost per click and increasing conversions

Sending traffic to a website with paid adverts is easy, but it takes expertise and experience to generate quality enquiries and pay less for better traffic. By refining the targeting to match your target audience and improving the quality of design and content on the page we are sending traffic to, we can generate better results with lower costs per acquisition.

Strategically Driven

Our team work closely with your business to build an understanding of your offering, short and long term goals.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Getting more out of your click spend by focusing on the quality of the advert, traffic and landing page.

Budget Recommendations

We closely monitor budgets on each campaign, providing feedback and insight.


We like to get to know our clients and encourage regular calls and strategic meetings. Our team members will work along side you, acting as an extension to your team. You will also receive a report each month that lists everything we have worked on and what we are planning to to next.

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