Premium Dental Implants Testimonials

We shot, directed and filmed a series of testimonial videos for the new Premium Dental Implant website. Testimonial videos are a very effective marketing tool and can convince someone interested in your product or service to become your customer, client or patient. The planning and briefing phases of such projects, can be just as important as the filming.


Through all our video projects we ensure all content produced is on brand and effectively communicates our client’s marketing messages. We wanted each video to tell an engaging and interesting story, whilst demonstrating the scope and high quality of treatment on offer at Premium Dental Implants. Our inhouse PR and videography team have experience of working in broadcasting at the highest level, so once we obtained a list of potential interviewees, we sought about finding a location for filming, taking lighting and sound suitability into account. Once we had talked to each interviewee, we put together a filming schedule and decided to shoot all the interviews in one day.


Our PR team feature former journalists who are highly skilled at interviewing people and taking detailed briefings. We talked to each interviewee at length about their treatment journey, before explaining to them about what to expect during filming to ensure they would come across as natural as possible on camera. Some of the interviewees required off camera cues and scripts to work from, which we wrote and supplied them with in advance of filming.


Our friendly team like to make sure our guests are as relaxed as possible. The day of filming was very hot and we ensured everyone was offered refreshments at regular intervals, keeping shooting times down to a minimum. We were able to do this because of our planning and briefing, with the art and content director knowing each case study’s story inside out and the objective of each shot. Our approach in filming also ensures the editing process is smoother, ensuring light and sound are checked before moving onto the next take.


Once filming is complete, our video editing team are supplied with a script and sheet of time codes of possible cuts. We then mixed suitable background music and produced motion graphics, conscious of the tone of the content and ensuring it was in keeping with the brand.

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