Online Community Website

The LCS Website

LCS, also known as The Lean Competency System, approached us looking for a website to use as a platform to inform people of the university developed and industry recognised lean qualifications. The framework for developing lean thinking knowledge and practical skills in the workplace is the goal of the company, built up from a community of practitioners, discussing, creating and sharing ideas about lean systems and processes.

So the website needed to be really informative to educate people on what LCS is and how they can achieve it, also include a way for the community they have created to communicate. We found the best solution would be to create a website which would break down all the information into bitesize blocks so it’s easier for people to take in the information or find certain data. We also created a forum for the community to come together to be able to discuss and share lean systems, as well as downloadable content along side videos to help to put across a clearer understanding of the company.

Through adding a digital marketing package we can regularly add interesting blog articles to the website to keep people up to date and informed, each blog article has an infographic designed that helps the viewer to visually understand the articles this is a great way to catch attention through social media.