SEO Case Study: The Real Soup Co.

What we did

We made The Real Soup Co aware of the huge potential to catalyse their business growth through SEO. Over the last twelve months we have continually optimised their website, provided strategic advice to their social media and PR suppliers and written content for a new sectors section that we have suggested. Over the next twelve months we will be working closely with the Real Soup Co to help them achieve their business goals and we expect their traffic to double as they get found for targeted sector search terms. Real Soup now receives enquiries every week through their website which has led to millions of pounds in contracts.

Starting Point

Keywords: 0 keywords in the top 10, 0 in the top 3
Goal: To generate more enquiries through google

The Results

Keywords: 28 keywords in the top 10, 25 in the top 3
Search traffic: 500% increase visitors per month
Business status: Receiving regular enquiries ever month