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We work with ambitious manufacturing companies looking for serious growth

Whether you are looking to build new trade partnerships, grow your list of stockists, attract better staff or sell directly online, we can help. We work strategically with a broad range of manufacturing businesses, each with different needs, to help grow their business through quality branding, high performing websites and conversion led marketing.

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Crafting powerful brand growth strategies for the manufacturing sector

We entwine your unique manufacturing USPs into strategic digital campaigns, carving an indomitable brand presence that resonates with premium clients, large enterprises, and niche markets.

From meticulously showcasing your innovations to devising campaigns that highlight your product benefits, our strategies navigate through every layer of competitive markets, ensuring your brand doesn’t just participate, but leads.


Converting clicks to customers with a website that amplifies your brand

In a digital world where every click is a potential client, your website becomes the herald of your manufacturing capabilities and an unwavering sales and marketing engine.

We don’t just digitalise your manufacturing skills; we translate them into a compelling narrative that acts as an undeniable force in client acquisition and retention. This platform, meticulously crafted, becomes a vivid showcase of your capabilities, ground-breaking innovations, and a testament to your manufacturing mastery, ensuring every visitor is not just engaged but ushered into a conversion-focused journey.


Drive sustained growth with intelligent digital marketing strategies

Growth in the manufacturing sector isn’t incidental – it’s meticulously strategised and astutely executed.

Beginning with a detailed competitor analysis and soaring into seasonal, promotional campaigns, and beyond, our marketing strategies are chiselled to cement your brand’s position at the pinnacle of the manufacturing sector. This isn’t merely about driving enquiries or fostering sales; it’s about crafting a manufacturing brand that is immune to market fluctuations and capable of navigating through commercial labyrinths, ensuring a trajectory that doesn’t just peak but perpetually ascends.


Award-winning product design background

The agency was setup by Steve who worked successfully as product designer for a number of years.

He created award winning baby cups and pool tables, revolutionary hospital beds and patient hoists, he redesigned the Post Offices’ postal sorting system, developed mobile devices for the military, created furniture and designed touch screen devices for the emergency services.

This experience inspired him to create an agency that would be able to promote new products and create consistent, powerful marketing for existing product ranges. Other agencies he worked with had fragmented approaches, so Newwave was born bringing a full-service approach to new product launches, brand management and ongoing marketing.