SEO Marketing Service

A pro-active approach, continually seeking opportunities for your business

Newwave, based in South Wales, is a Digital Marketing agency with a dedicated SEO department and an international client base. A key difference in our approach is that we do not limit the number of search terms we optimise for. Our digital marketing strategy is to target a wide range of keyword phrases in the short term whilst continually working towards the "big phrases" that have the highest search volume and potential for your business. We have found this method to be popular with our clients and they are able to see an increase in enquiries and traffic within a short period of time.

Building your business based on goals and objectives

In order to provide the best possible service it is important that we understand your business, your goals and your objectives. Our SEO activities will be focused on the services / products / sectors that you see as the most important. We operate as an extension of your team so we can provide valuable insight that will empower you to make informed decisions.

A responsive approach to changes in your business

Business goals often evolve and change over time. It may be that you have launched a new product or decided to target a new geographical location. By staying in the loop with what’s going on in your business we can aid you in these changes and help bring in business leads across new sectors and services.

Bringing website content in line with what your customers are searching for

By using keyword research tools we can find out how many people are searching for services and products that you offer. We can tie this data to geographic regions or we can look at national / international search volumes. With this data we can work together with you to refine existing content and produce additional content in the form of pages or blog posts. This provides a foundation for us to optimise for each desired keyword phrase.

The most predictable marketing avenue with the best return on investment

Access to accurate search data

There are a wide range of professional tools available that allow us to accurately predict the number of people searching for your services in any geographical region. If you would like to find out how many people are searching for services or products you are offering within your catchment area please get in touch.

Tracking tools to measure impact and return on investment

By utilising analytical data such as visitor behaviour, landing page, form submissions and conversion data we can focus our efforts on activities that have the biggest ROI. Conversion data can also be used to analyse and compare the impact of your other marketing activities such as email marketing and pay per click.

Regular reporting and communication

The better we know your business and the more we communicate, the better we can serve you. Each month you will receive a report outlining changes to your search traffic and google rankings. There is also a monthly call to touch base on recent SEO activities and any changes to your business’s focus.

Extensive experience in digital marketing

Newwave design is an SEO company based in Wales, has an international client base and extensive experience across a broad range of sectors. We love working with businesses that operate in competitive sectors and have many case studies that demonstrate our success.

Integrated approach maximises the impact of your marketing

Being a full service agency means that we have copywriters, designers, developers and digital marketers all under one roof. We are able to design and implement new sections of your website, make complex technical changes and create engaging visual assets for link building.

Newwave is a digital marketing and SEO agency based in South Wales with an international client reach. We currently provide clients with SEO in Abergavenny, Monmouth, Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, South Wales, Bristol, Birmingham, London, the UK, California, New York and the United States.

Our SEO Service Includes

Content & PR

Our team of copywriters have extensive experience in writing content for web pages, blogs and PR articles. This means we can bring your content inline with what people are searching for and increase your domains weighting in google through quality PR.

Tech SEO

Technical SEO forms a strong foundation for increasing your rankings for a broad range of terms. Our technical SEO specialists have development experience, enabling them to rectify technical issues and implement onsite content / meta changes.

Link Building

Other websites linking through to your site can have a significant, positive impact on your google rankings. We use a range of tactics for link building including link baiting techniques such as infographics and quality content.

Penalty Work

If you have dropped significantly in rankings it is possible that you have had a manual penalty from google. We have helped businesses identify the cause of their manual penalty and implemented solutions to reverse it.

Insights & Ga

SEO is one of the most measurable forms of marketing. Utilising tools such as Google Analytics and MOZ keyword tracking we can monitor rankings, conversions and user behaviour to further increase sales.


At the end of each month you will receive a report outlining changes to search traffic and keyword rankings. We also recommend a monthly call to touch base on goals and objectives along with anything new happening in your business.

Examples of our Digital Marketing