SEO South Wales

Content driven Search Engine Optimisation

Newwave Design is a digital marketing agency based in South Wales with a dedicated SEO department and an international client base. Our digital marketing team includes in-house technical analysts, copywriters and journalists. We have a long track record of helping local and national businesses increase sales and raise their profile through SEO. We focus on drawing in quality traffic, and improving conversion rates by making incremental improvements for user experience.

Generating Quality Traffic for your website

In order to provide the best possible service it is important that we understand your business, your goals and your objectives. Our SEO activities will be focused on the services / products / sectors that you see as the most important. We operate as an extension of your team so we can provide valuable insight that will empower you to make informed decisions.

Converting traffic into new leads and sales

Business goals often evolve and change over time. It may be that you have launched a new product or decided to target a new geographical location. We stay in regular contact with you to ensure we are aware of changes in your business. This helps us to bring in business leads across new sectors and services.

Quality Content

Content is King. From the pages on your website to the articles going out to press, quality of content leads to sales.

Social Media & PR

Your online reputation influences your rankings. This is why we always consider your social and PR profile.

Technical SEO

Page titles, Meta Descriptions, Heading tags, on-site errors.. it can all sound complicated. We stay on top of this so you don't have to worry.

We implement changes

We are hands on with implementing changes and prefer to do it ourselves within the retainer.

Link Building

Other websites linking through to your site can have a significant, positive impact on your Google rankings.

Analytics & Reporting

At the end of each month, you will receive a report outlining changes to search traffic and keyword rankings.

A stategic and proactive approach to SEO

By using keyword research tools we can find out how many people are searching for services and products that you offer. We can tie this data to geographic regions or we can look at national / international search volumes. With this data, we work alongside you to work into new and existing content. By creating new sections and pages, we can capture a broader range of search terms.

a Transparent service with regular communication

We like to get to know our clients and encourage regular calls and strategic meetings. Our team members will work along side you, acting as an extension to your team. You will also receive a report each month that lists everything we have worked on and what we are planning to to next.

Full in-house design and web development support

Our approach is to focus on quality across the board. Having in house dedicated developers and designers means that we get expert input when creating new sections and pages for your website. It also ensures brand consistency in everything public facing; from social media profiles and graphics, to the images going out with press releases.

User experience and user interface enhancements

We take a continuous improvement approach when working on a websites traffic and enquiries. Quality of design, layout and user experience plays a big role in generating enquiries. Over time, small refinements to a design and marketing messages can lead to big changes in the number of visitors enquiring.

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