Shackleton Cameras

Shackleton is one of Wales’ oldest independent high street photographic and electrical retailers. They approached Newwave to create an online platform to sell their cameras, optical products and gadgets. The site shows a great combination of skills from our team, including: branding, front end and back end development, UX and UI design, digital marketing support, magazine advertising and managing promotions.

How We Helped

Turning a threat into an opportunity

Online sales are continually growing, threatening traditional high shops. Smart retailers are re-evaluating their sales models looking for ways to turn this threat into an opportunity. Newwave were ideally positioned to advise Shackletons on how to take their cameras and optics department online. We helped them make the transition, through clear categorisation and a shift of emphasis towards products that provided market differentiation.

Standing out in a crowded market place

To be successful, this had to be done to a high standard - the standard that users have come to expect when visiting leading online retailers. We developed a smart and current technology shop, that looks great and is easy to use. We also put together an advanced filtering system that would be able to cope with the many different field variations across the various categories. Filtering is so important, as it is an extension of searching, which is how most people find what they are after.

Services We Offered

Search engine optimisation

Being a new shop, SEO is critical to the success of Shackleton Cameras. There was no point building a brilliant site if nobody finds it. We believe the ongoing SEO to be of equal, if not greater, importance to the initial product created. We have tackled increasing the local customer base through targeted SEO and promotions though social media, advertising in papers and flyers.

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E commerce

We created the shop on an existing e-commerce CMS, which helped minimise costs. But where customisation was required our dedicated PHP developers were able to make it work exactly as we wanted. This freedom allowed the designers to design the website without limitations. Throughout, we focused on user experience (UX), this included distinctive buttons, tabbed product information, a simple and sure checkout process and a comparison tool.

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To help get that all important initial traffic flow we developed full page adverts, written in an advertorial style, providing people with great gift ideas for Christmas. The campaign's exposure was enhanced through social media, and promoted through flyers. Having experienced journalists on our team ensured we got the approach, tone and content right.

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The brand for Shackleton Cameras had to make a significant departure from the parent brand H. Shackleton. As the brand is predominantly online focused, we moved to a simpler linear logo which fitted better on the navigation bar. The accompanying brand colours were neutral with small bright areas of magenta creating a fast paced consumer tech feel.

Some more examples of our branding work

Printed literature

As part of the launch campaign we created double sided flyers for distribution in the Shackleton shops. One side was for the Christmas gift ideas campaign, the other for announcing the new online shop and a competition to win a camera. The flyers looked professional, friendly and engaging, helping to showcase their exciting new site.

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