Social Media Marketing Service

Delivering Strategic Social Media Campaigns

Newwave Design is a full service design and marketing company offering social media marketing and advertising to businesses across the UK and internationally. We gain a detailed insight into your business through regular communication, discussing what is going on in your business and your future goals. Our approach is to gain a strong understanding of your business so that we can develop a marketing strategy that aligns with your short and long term goals.

Building and engaging with a target audience

There is no point in sharing great content on social media if no one is able to see it. Building a targeted audience is an important part of our social media approach. We will help you organically grow your audience and build relationships by engaging with relevant users and sharing useful insights about your industry. We will also target relevant influencers and industry-related accounts to gain more online exposure for your business and increase your brand awareness across multiple social platforms.

Generating quality content

We believe in a multifaceted approach to social content. Our strategy often includes a unique combination of social media posts that offer personality and add value to consumers, sharing quality content and organically building your audience.

A more personal form of advertising

Social media breaks down the barriers of ‘corporation vs consumer’ and enables businesses to interact with their audience on a more personal level. It is important to establish the right social voice for your company and your audience through social media. We will help you craft personal responses to your customers, building positive relationships, generating customer loyalty and establishing a good company reputation.

Boosting performance with paid ads

Social media has become a necessary part of business, however due to its popularity, it has also become more difficult for organic content to get noticed. Paid advertising enables companies to boost the performance of their posts to a targeted audience. based on selected demographics. For many businesses, paid social advertising can generate quality web traffic and a stream of enquiries.

Multi-platform management

Each social platform is slightly different in how they work. We will adjust the content to suit each platform.

Scheduled and reactive posts

In addition to a monthly scheduled plan, we will keep our finger on the pulse, posting re-actively to relevant events and news.

Building a targeted audience

Over time we will build a highly targeted audience on each target social media platform.

Strategic campaigns

Our social posts will be aligned with your short and long term business goals. Social posts are all parts of a larger strategic campaign.

Paid Advertising

Each platform will offer some form of paid advertising. We can help maximise the impact and generate results.

Measurable results

We monitor the impact of social media on your web traffic and enquiries using Google Analytics.

Monthly Reporting

We provide a monthly report highlighting key website data along with an executive summary of achievements, work completed and what we plan to do next. Monthly reports are added to our project system and you will have access to all previous reports in one place. In addition to the report, we recommend regular strategic discussions about your business goals and whether targets are being met. You will also have direct access to the team members working on your retainer.

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