The Real Soup Co.

The Real Soup Company is owned by Zorba Delicacies Ltd. It produces fresh chilled quality soups, which are easy to serve and perfect for restaurants, pubs and food outlets of all sizes. Newwave has successfully helped to rebrand and develop The Real Soup Co introducing a few simple, but effective ideas, which have helped boost their sales significantly. As well as branding we give them ongoing support with website design, product packaging, photography, printed literature and exhibition elements.

How We Helped

Breathing life into an existing brand

Zorba approached us to help maintain, then rebrand, The Real Soup Co after taking over the business. The food service sector needed an organised and modern brand to lead it, so the challenge was to create new branding which appealed to a modern food service soup market, but did not alienate and confuse their existing customers. The challenge was to keep the key elements of the existing logo to help maintain brand loyalty.

The Real Soup Co wanted a clear and personable brand. The website design and related materials therefore, had to have a contemporary feel, but have a unique organic quality to it, just like you’d see in a gastro pub. So we took the theme of using a blackboard and chalk font, just like you’d see in such a venue. Using hand scripted fonts added a personal touch. The blackboard background also helps the soups in white bowls stand out on the website and related literature.

Expanding to new horizons

The greater exposure of The Real Soup Co brand has created the opportunity for them to launch a new product - their 380g single serve pot soups. These are distributed through vending machines in factories, hospitals and universities and large workplaces without a canteen. We continue to work with The Real Soup Co as their market share grows and opportunities arise.

“Newwave continue to be an invaluable asset to us. The quality of their design work has helped us land contracts with large suppliers. They don’t just simply deliver designs, they understand our goals and work with us to achieve these.”
- David Colwell – The Real Soup Co.

Building the business

The Newwave approach is to work with our clients closely to build up our understanding of their company and the market in which they operate. We seek to build businesses through our expertise and resources as a full-service agency. We put forward ideas of how The Real Soup Co could market themselves and gain an increased market share. This included providing valuable marketing materials such as Soup of the Day posters for food service clients.

Many restaurants and bars options are limited to using frozen soups, which they cannot advertise as fresh. One of The Real Soup Co’s unique selling points is that they offer chilled not frozen soups in 4kg (16 portions) microwaveable tubs. This not only provides their customers with fresh, restaurant quality soup, but allows clients to accurately control portions, cost and consistency in the kitchen. Freshness and quality are two important pillars of The Real Soup Co. and form the top line message of all marketing materials we design and produce for them.

We identified that exhibitions were a potential area for growth for The Real Soup Co, producing branded literature and other marketing materials gave them a strong presence and helped them gain new customers.

Services We Offered

Search engine optimisation

Newwave has helped raise the Real Soup Company's online profile through SEO. The ongoing optimisation of their website has helped them acquire and secure business deals.

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Due to an existing client base we could not make considerable changes to the existing Real Soup Company brand. Despite working within tight creative parameters we revitalised the original brand into a modern playful alternative.

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Website design

We produced a website style around plan view photography. Using the soups themselves and fresh ingredients we created a fun and highly stylised responsive website which incorporated the brand's values.

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Utilising our in-house product photography studio, we art directed, shot and edited a full set of plan view and scene images. We also art directed a lifestyle photoshoot on location portraying the use of their soups within the foodservice industry.

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Printed literature

We created a set of Brochures, flyers and posters that would sit alongside the real soup website. The soup of the day posters proved to be invaluable when generating new business.

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Exhibition banners

To compliment the printed literature we produced a varity of pop up banners and large format banner for exhibitions.

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